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Better Monkeys is a digital business management and project consultancy company. It is a one man company helping its customers in their big digital moves and toughest cases.

When to call Better Monkeys?

For the cases which matter, you need the experienced digitalization professional who is easy to work with and who you can count on. If this resonates with you, you have come to the right place.

Hitting the fan is not an option

You have a priority project or programme which is high on your company's priorities and there are a lot of moving parts? You need experience, people skills and to get people to work smart towards right targets. Let Better Monkeys help by taking the lead or support you planning, specifying or managing your endeavour.

Oops... It has already hit the fan

You have a challenging project that needs to be set straight, your team is dysfunctional or your work won't result to good outcomes? You need someone who's been there several times and can calm the pack down and start getting right things done. Let Better Monkeys help by taking the lead or support you making the right decisions.

You're not quite sure, what to do to succeed

You have a business need and not quite sure what to do or where to start? You need a bridge between biz and tech to support you through planning and defining what you need to do, and to clarify why you are doing it. Let Better Monkeys help by supporting you in your plans and make all the difficult and relevant questions and steer your way towards your real business goals.

You have it under control but still need a hand

You have a project, situation, or team needing a leader you can count on? Contact Better Monkeys and let's have a conversation.

Kari Kellokoski, Senior Consultant

I'm Better Monkeys. Self-employed. Let me know, and let's have a conversation.

About me

  • I'm great with people, project, team and program leadership. That's what I'm passionate about
  • I'm fun to work with, I tend to create trust which is the core of everything
  • I'm comfortable in tech environments and talking tech. For me tech is opportunities and learning new. I love it
  • Agile, waterfall, Scrum, coaching, managing, solving problems and onwards - it all boils down to why, who, and how. There is no one way to fit all to get right things done
  • I respect techies and I believe in modern implicit way of leading. That's a big part why I get right things done


  • Over 23 yrs of working in IT projects, business and services
  • Over 14 yrs of project, team & programme management
  • Over 7 yrs of delivery responsible over software/platform projects and services
  • Over 5 yrs of consultancy business responsibility
  • Over 5 yrs of people/team lead (supervisor role)
  • Digitalization cases, productization, service deliveries, employee experience, business coaching, start-up, entrepreneur and more...

Contact info

  • +358 40 535 2265